Kollorè® describes culture and tradition of food. Kollorè® products are typical pastries from distant time when grandmas and mums gave a sweet caress to their children around tables that have been always considered a symbol of familiar union.

Flour, sugar and few other natural ingredients make Collorelle typical Sicilian pastries incomparable to others. Dough and filling are the result of some recipes handed down from generation to generation. The practice of dough embellishment occurs thanks to the expertise of master bakers while giving to each pastry a unique appearance. From three generations, Grazioso family makes these artisanal pastries to bring Sicilian taste and ancient knowledge around the world.

Only natural and local raw materials

Collorelle are prepared with natural and local raw materials. Each ingredient reveals a part of Sicily; grain lightens in summertime, almonds ripen as long as the sun in August warms up, mulled wine and honey symbolize nutritional customs of families. Simple and delicious delicate pastries from an old family recipe are adorned with embroideries that embellish their surface. This is the result of pastry chefs’ manual skills handed down by generation. Kollorè® Collorelle are of four flavours:


Mulled wine



the dough

Let’s start with some durum wheat flour, plain flour, water, sugar and lard. This mixture turns into a puff pastry that covers a soft filling.

the filling

Ingredients for the filling must be blended to create the Lullitto shaped like a cylinder.

the puff

The filling is laid down the puff which envelops it. From the cylinder we create Collorelle, the ring-shaped Sicilian pastries from Kollorè®.

the embroidery

The last fascinating phase is that of the embroidery when pastries chefs’ expert hands engrave the paste using little indented tweezers making Collorelle unique pieces.


After few minutes of cooking, the dough gets golden and fragrant. The smell of Collorelle spread over so that they are ready to be tasted.
The result is a natural and typical pastry that represents beauty and genuineness in its harmonic shape. A pastry exclusively produced in Sicily.