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” lesbian is actually a term utilized mainly by Black or Latinx butches, but has unforunately been appropriated by
white butches on TikTok
. However for the record: it really is

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used by white men and women, and it’s important to note that only a few Black butches are believed studs.

A “stud” refers to a butch woman or non-binary individual that is Ebony or Latinx —

maybe not

white dykes on TikTok.

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“Black females typically get browse as butch whether they are butch or otherwise not,” writer Roxane Gay told

This New York Days

. “black colored feamales in general aren’t viewed, so black butchness is commonly doubly invisible. Excepting studs: they are extremely noticeable.” Caused by racism and misogyny, guys tend to be viewed as being “harder” or more masculine than other butches. “individuals have a tendency to think if you are a black butch, you are a stud that is certainly it,” Gay said, adding that which is untrue.

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What is the history of the term “stud”?

The racially-specific phase “stud” extends back into 1960s. In a Washington University thesis published in 1965, referenced in

Women in Back area: Studying the Lesbian Bar

, absolutely an explanation of a “working-class dark lesbian club” being full of “guys” and “fishes,” aka “butches” and “femmes.” In the early 2000s,  the phrase “butch” was not as widely used inside dark society as “stud,” relating to

Dark lesbian gender and intimate society: function and opposition


Discover a myriad of words lesbians and queer ladies use to describe themselves, a lot of which have rich histories. You need to understand the beginnings of various terms, brands, and phrases, to ensure that you’re maybe not unintentionally appropriating everything. In terms of determining as a “stud,” if you should be dark or Latinx, set off! Become your studly self all around us. We’ll follow you on TikTok with this
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